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 Gerber's Amish Farm Ground Chicken is gluten free, easy to make, and serve as a great alternative to the ordinary ground burger. Try one of our favorite recipes for a tasty dinner for the family!

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Located in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country – fresh air, rolling landscapes and the casual feel of a simpler life is where Gerber chicken comes from.

When it comes to eating, Ohio Amish country has some of the best dining around, it is in these restaurants you will find our Gerber chicken on the menu.

What better way to share these experiences by bringing the taste of the country to your local restaurants, grocery stores, and served at your very own family gatherings.

Learn Why Better Feed Means Better Flavor
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Starts with a Philosophy, deep rooted in tradition and Gerber family values. The treatment of our chickens and workers will always come first and set us apart.
  • Raising chickens natural, antibiotic free, on local Amish farms following the most humane standards.
  • We not only treat our chickens with the highest degree of care but also our workers. Without their kind hearts, hard-work, and integrity we would not be where we are today.
  • The faith based verses on the back of our products serve as a constant reminder to do the right thing, same as our parents/grandparents (Melva and Dwight) taught us to do.
  • By this faith, we become a company of significance: We matter to our team members, our customers and our suppliers. We become a place where our team members want to work, from whom our customers want to buy product and with whom our suppliers want to do business.

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Quality worth crowing about.

You can have confidence that you are supporting a company committed to high animal welfare standards, food safety, and honest labeling.

Gerber’s Chicken products are defined by:

But mostly, our products are defined by the amazing taste that continues to win new customers while satisfying committed ones.

Our quality is worth crowing about. And there is a lot behind that crow.

When only the best chicken will do, please look for the Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken brand.

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