Our Story

Located in the heart of the Ohio's Amish Country, Gerber Poultry produces and processes a truly all natural, antibiotic free chicken. The chickens are raised on Amish family farms with plenty of room to roam. Their diet consists of the highest quality vegetarian feed. Our chicken has gained a fierce loyalty from our customers and they let us know this on a daily basis.

Customers from all over tell us that, "Our chicken tastes like the chicken they had growing up." Gerber’s fresh chicken products have developed a reputation for excellence in quality and service for customers in varied markets.

Our branded products are marketed as Gerber's Amish Farm Chicken™ and include fresh whole birds, cut-up parts and boneless skinless breasts and thighs. Our products are packaged in case ready trays for the Retail markets. Additional products include a marinated product line of whole and cut-up parts for use in the Foodservice Industry.

Gerber Poultry had it’s origin in 1952 when Dwight and Melva Gerber began processing chickens that were grown on the family farm. They delivered these fresh chickens to customers' homes in their local community. This humble beginning has evolved into a growing family business that now has a modern slaughter, processing and packing plant. Fresh clean chicken that has a natural great taste has always been the standard for the Gerber family. Quality worth crowing about was Dwight's first motto.

The second and third generations of the Gerber family continue to believe that customers still want the highest quality and best tasting chicken products available. The Gerber family is very proud of the quality reputation their chicken has earned over the years. Today they market their chicken as Gerber's Amish Farm Chicken™.

The first chicken that tastes like chicken. Why? Better feed, better taste. That's Gerber's position. Gerber's Amish Farm Chicken™ tastes better because our family has taken the time to perfect our feeding formula and the way we raise our chickens. We've worked with our feed suppliers, nutritionist's, animal welfare consultants, farmers and caretakers for over six decades to develop a nutritious diet and a safe, healthy living environment for our birds. Our unique methods insure that Gerber's chicken really is different and more satisfying than national brands. Customers commonly refer to our chicken as being "like the chicken they had from Grandpa's farm".

Gerber's Mission Statement: Gerber is dedicated to developing lasting relationships with its employees, customers and suppliers. We will work to profitably produce and sell valued poultry products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

Gerber is a company of significance: We matter to our team members, our customers and our suppliers. We want to be a place where our team members want to work, from whom our customers want to buy product and with whom our suppliers want to do business.

Our Core Values: Trust, Teamwork, Integrity, Commitment and Respect.

Today’s discerning consumers want products that meet high standards for quality and taste. Gerber Poultry’s goal has been to produce a chicken that meets those expectations. We begin with a selected breed of chicks that we hatch at our own hatchery. The processing plant uses processes that produce wholesome clean chicken that is produced according to all USDA food safety standards.

In addition, we have our own high standards of quality control that regulate our production. We carefully package our chicken in film wrapped trays. The processing areas, storage coolers and shipping trucks are always monitored for proper refrigeration temperatures to guarantee that you will get the freshest chicken possible.