Education Corner

Gerber goes to great lengths to raise healthy chickens. Our strict standards make the difference between our chicken and other chicken products available in the market. Our chickens are sustainably raised in large spacious houses and given access to roam freely to eat and drink as they want. Our growers are the individual families that raise our chickens on their farms. They must follow a very specific and stringent set of rules and guidelines set by Gerber in order to raise our chickens. The criteria cover requirements regarding animal health, humane handling and nutrition.

In order to maintain the relationship between Gerber and our growers and ensure that our chickens are raised in a way that meets and exceeds our expectations, Gerber maintains a staff dedicated specifically to our growers called the "Farm Team". The members of Gerber's Farm Team are the eyes and ears of the company and spend their time on the road visiting and working with Gerber's 150 family growers to ensure that their chickens are raised and handled to our exact specifications.

We take steps at every level to make sure each product that is produced under the Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken™ brand meets our customers’ expectations. It starts at the hatchery and growout farms then continues at our processing facility. We take a proactive and preventive approach to ensuring you always experience a safe product with outstanding quality and taste.

With Gerber, you can have confidence that you are supporting a company committed to high animal welfare standards, food safety and honest labeling.

Our focus on animal welfare is unique. We are not only dedicated to the well-being and humane handling of our chickens; we also consider our farmers the stewards of our chickens and require that they follow strict protocols which are regularly audited to ensure proper treatment at all times.

Our growers are not the only people who take care of our chickens. Our humane standards follow the chickens to the processing facility where the live haul, receiving and slaughter processes are tightly controlled, verified and audited. From the beginning to the end we assure that our chicks and chickens are handled following humane standards certified by FACTA, an independent, third party humane certification group.

We verify that the chicken in our packages is the chicken that we say it is through the third party source verification program Where Food Comes From® (WFCF).

Your confidence can extend from how we handle our chickens and where they come from to the food we produce. Gerber’s processing facility is Global Food Safety Initiative certified (GFSI) through FACTA.